Waxing & Hair Removal

Waxing is a method of removing unwanted hair from the root. The benefits of waxing are that new hairs will not grow back for up to 2-8 weeks and any new growth is softer and finer. With repeated waxing hair regrowth is less frequent.

Hot wax and sensitive wax are available at an additional cost of ÂŁ4.

Get the best and upgrade your wax to Lycon.

Benefits of Lycon Waxing

  • Removes hair as short as 1 mm
  • Provides comfortable treatment due to low temperatures
  • Offers long results
  • Removes hair virtually pain-free

Lycon is not just any wax. Its formula combines the strongest pine resin in the world with naturally soothing ingredients. Our superior system truly removes hairs as short as 1mm!

Download our before and after care guide.


Very friendly and advised my teenage daughter on the importance of waxing.

Jo Jacob

Laura was lovely waxing my 14 yr old daughters legs

Jo Jacob

Made me feel very at ease during my first waxing. Very easy to talk to. The waxing was great and results are fantastic 🙂

Eve Lewis

I have finally found a consultant who makes me feel totally comfortable and is professional yet friendly and helpful. From waxing to facials, Ella suggests but never pushes me to consider new things and lets me try samples as my skin is sensitive. This encourages me to trust her and return to buy them. Ella is a star!

Susan Palfery-smith

I was very nervous about intimate procedure but was given a fully explained process of what would happen giving me options throughout. Excellent interpersonal skills and communication. Thank you for your amazing understanding and jovial input …see you in 3 weeks xx

Jackie Tribe

Thank you excellent as always! Best waxing in town!

Libbla Kelly

Best wax ever!!

Nyasha Ndoro

Everyone was friendly and looked after us. We were really happy with the waxing and every treatment we have had here. It’s a lovely, stylish, clean and peaceful place to be. Thank you.

Sarah Cork