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Emerging Trends in Skincare 2017

By June 4, 2018Skincare

With more women embracing a no make up or a fresher skin look skincare has become more important than ever. There are several key trends that are emerging for this year which will enable us all to achieve that fabulous complexion.

Plant stem cells and superfoods – super botanicals which target the negative effects of modern living like pollution, dehydration and visible light ageing

Skin hydration and plumping – the more hydrated your skin, the plumper, firmer and more radiant it will look

Gentler cleansing and exfoliation – being gentler with our skin removing the harsher cleansing and exfoliation ingredients

Women are always looking for luminous skin to give them that all round youthful glow and this is something that hasn’t changed, it’s a great time to have the Elemis Superfood Pro Radiance facial to kick start the skin and bring back the glow. This relaxing treatment includes facial massage as well as a neck & shoulder and hand & arm massage making you feel revived as well as giving you a result on your skin. Take up the amazing ELEMIS superfood facial oil to continue to nourish your skin in the same way as having a healthy diet.

Superfood Facial Oil

Convenience has really come to the forefront, leaving room for no rinse cleansers such as Micellar waters which leave the skin hydrated as well as clean of all impurities. Exfoliators should always be gentle and ensure they are free of the harmful microbeads. Weekly exfoliation is sufficient to clear away dead skin cells giving a more radiant appearance and allowing moisture to penetrate the skin more easily.


The more hydrated the skin is, the more plumped and radiant it looks, due to this Elemis launches its new Hydra Boost serum in March, (rrp £45) but there has also been a huge resurgence for oils recently and don’t think greasy chip type oils, there have been a plethora of these textures entering the market. They slide on beautifully and sink straight in to the skin as these are not synthetic oils, they are skin accepted oils which is the first thing the skin will absorb. Superfood skin care has come to the forefront following the huge buzz about what we are putting inside our bodies in the last couple of years, and the ELEMIS Superfood Facial oil combines these trends using familiar ingredients to the superfood craze such as Flaxseed oil and broccoli, it can be used underneath your moisturiser or mixed in with it and literally feeds your skin. Whilst a new Pro definition oil will be available in April containing raspberry plant stem cell technology to nourish the skin and lock in hydration.

One thing that has really changed is that women have started using anti-ageing products earlier than ever before to avoid the signs of ageing before they even appear, this trend even includes the use of fillers and botox to prevent the lines and wrinkles from taking hold hence the surge in young women in their 20’s using these types of treatments. Our new aesthetics specialist Carlton has seen this far more in recent times and although I was shocked that women so young would want to take this step, when he puts it that way even I can understand if the line never appears you don’t need to cover it or fight its appearance. We can all help prevent the impact of ageing by caring for our skin with some simple steps – cleanse and moisturise. So as the old saying goes prevention is better than cure!