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AlumierMD review by Kat Wooton

By January 18, 2018News

If you are frazzled by January – your skin drying out under the onslaught of Christmas booze, sleet winds and stress-induced sleeplessness – it would be a good idea to head to TIME to be ME for some tough love.

The AlumierMD range of skin products are created to deal with problem skin – everything from sun-damaged and ageing skin to acne. This is apparently ‘where science meets beauty’ and can only be applied by skincare professionals. There are active ingredients in these products, ready to get to work on your skin.
I popped in to try out an AlumierMD facial.

Carolyn starts with a thorough skin analysis. She peers at my face with her special enlarging mirror, asking me questions about my skin – including diet, hydration, lifestyle, usual skincare routine and so on, so that she can choose the right products for me to give the results I’m looking for.

Noting my dehydrated, sensitive skin, she decides on a peel. After a purifying gel cleanser is applied to remove all the dirt of the day, along with makeup, she starts with an enzyme peel, a treatment used to improve skin texture and appearance. Enzymes are applied to the skin, which loosen the connections between dead skin cells, inducing exfoliation and stimulating new cell growth. This process causes superficial layers of dead skin to peel off, revealing a “smoother and more radiant complexion”. Enzyme peels both nourish and exfoliate the skin and are usually made with fruit enzymes. The most popular fruit enzymes are papain, found in papayas, and bromelain, found in pineapple.

I can feel a slight burning sensation as the enzymes start chomping away on the dead skin cells. Carolyn reassures me that this is perfectly normal and will stop after a while. she removes the peel and applies a balm to soothe my skin. I’ve developed a rosy glow as if I’ve been in the sun for 20 minutes. The body reacts to this ‘damage’ by plumping up the skin with plasma, making it look smoother and fresher. It’s a less drastic version of the peels which make someone look like a snake sloughing off its old skin – there’s less ‘downtime’ as Carolyn calls it i.e. you won’t have to hide yourself away for days until you stop looking like a burns victim.

My poor old face gets the red carpet treatment; peels, serums, moisturisers – and even a little pack of lotions and potions to continue the good work.

Immediately after the treatment I feel a bit tingly but nothing more. I’m exhorted to care for my skin at home with extreme tenderness. A day later and there’s a bumpy feel as my skin reacts to the treatment. Again, all normal, says Carolyn. Then, seven to ten days later, I have smooth, refreshed looking skin.