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Christmas Nails and Make Up Event

By November 22, 2016Event

With the festive season approaching we thought you might like some hints and tips from the team at TIME to be ME on how to freshen up your make up look.

Natalie would tell you that it’s all about the preparation – make sure you have been exfoliating your skin once to twice a week. This doesn’t have to be a rough and gritty business we have a tried and tested ELEMIS Gentle Rose exfoliator great for all skin types but especially for maturing skin and when hormones are at work. Getting rid of dead skin cells gives you the start of a glowing party look.

My personal favourite tip is mixing a tinted moisturiser with my foundation to make it extra light and easy to apply with a foundation brush to really blend it well. Start from the centre of the face and work outside. I also like to use ELEMIS illuminating eye balm to help with the dark circles around the eyes it lightens and soothes at the same time great for popping on when you feel a bit tired but want to look fresh and ready to go.

Ella loves the I Glow blushers and bronzers from New CID our exclusive make up range. They are a mixture of colours within each individually baked glow with pinks peaches Browns and gold. They add colour, shimmer and can be used to also provide colour over the eyes and highlight brows and décolletage if you are wearing something a little more daring. Her other invaluable piece of advice is less is more – you need the smallest amount of glow and finish powder to set your make up. Too much means it sits in any small lines and emphasises them.

To add to your look we have some gorgeous new Nail varnishes from Cuccio and Ella and I are pleased to say they include some amazing sparkles.

Come and see how to do contouring, smokey eyes and find your own favourite nail varnishes – we invite you to see the experts do it  we have a Make up artist from New CID to show off different make up techniques.
We will also be giving you a free professional nail paint with Cuccio and the salons therapists.
A glass of Prosecco awaits we look forward to seeing you on the 1 December at 6pm – 7.30 friends and family welcome.

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